iCal4OL 2.13.7This file Sprachen/English.txt was extracted from original program file iCal4OL
* Sprachdatei English Version 2.12.9

1=Importfile related options (never use for CalDAV)
2=File/URL (*.ics В¦ http://):
4=Start Synchronization
5=Import in Calendar:
6=Add categories (also new) [;]:~further down you can choose to append or overwrite all categories
7=Import ICAL file/feed - sync against existing events/tasks~Only new or modified items are imported.\nDuplicate prevention (same subject+date+starttime) is activated.
8=Subscribe ICAL file/feed as Remote Calendar~Events/Tasks previously imported from the same ICAL feed will be deleted first, then added again.\nAny changes made to those previously imported items will get lost (export them first).
9=Simulation only (for analyzing LOG - nothing will be changed!)~Test your settings and [Show Log] after run..
10=Manual Timezone Difference:~For experts only: choose the timezone difference manually (check TZID.txt for definitions)
11=UTC   (only for Webcalendar, EGroupware or Outlook)~Not suited for other applications with recurring events! All dates with time will be converted to GMT-Timestamp (Greenwich).
13=Check for conflicts and do not import them (Events with Duration=0 and different Subject allowed)~If filter is not activated, but this option is checked, conflicts will be logged in LOG.txt
14=Add attendees to a Contact folder and link them with event (else: as text in description)~uses field "Links:" - but for using Outlook Scheduling tab for attendees, see tab "Options".
15=Recognize equal events (by Starttime and Subject - or EntryID/UID)~Attention: without this option all events will be added (not synced)!
16=Are you sure, you want to stop?
17=only with modificationdate >=
18=Save~Default configuration is stored in Default.ini
19=Attention:\n\nThe Email Preview Window of Outlook will not work during a sync (only with right mouse click)!
20=What would you like to do?
22=Save as...
23=Export Calendar:
24=Choose categories [;] Empty=ALL:~Filter by categories:\n\n-notthis;andnotthis\n\nwill exclude these two categories!
25=only New, Modified or Items from other Import file~Filter iCal-Feed Events for later import in other applications. Presumes prior import from same source. Use "Mark items like they were imported by previous ICAL Import/Subscription" to reset to "unchanged"
26=Select time period:~Incremental Sync is not possible, if an enddate is used..
30=ONLY export events from SAME import-file (again)~Works only if first a ICAL import has been made, eg. for Timezone/Timeshifting Manipulations.
32=Delete LOG~The max. size of LOG.txt can be adjusted on tab "Options-RDO/Misc."
33=Show LOG~Check the result of the run..
34=Fullname (as on server):~Firstname Lastname
35=E-Mail (as on server):
36=Couldn't create temporary file @ (Remote iCal)
37=Deleted, too (for Sync Webcalendar/GCAL/Outlook)?~Deleted events/tasks are in the "Deleted Items" folder and need to be included for a full sync, too.
39=Private~and Personal, Confidential..
43=Delete duplicate events (if Start+Subject+Bodytext identical)
44=Delete with newer modificationdate (otherwise older)
45=Are you sure?
46=Do It!
47=Delete all items from this import file (or older than "Date: 12/31/2007" - use your date format!) in folder stated below
48=Remove events/tasks permanently from "Deleted Items" folder
49=use only Starttime+Subject for recognizing duplicate events (ignore description)
50=For the recognition of the event/task organizer or attendee.\nMUST match the Websolution Fullname (Firstname Lastname) + Email.\nIt does actually "replace" the Outlook User on the scheduling tab!
51=Change language / Sprache wechseln / Cambia la lingua:
52=wintertime daylightsaving  -1SU;3 => Last Sunday in March
53=SHOULD be set to your PC timezone (see file TZID.txt for all definitions). If you Sync with a Google Calendar in a different timezone, activate the corresponding option on tab "Google"!
54=Reload configuration?
55=Doubleclick for today's date
56=Your timezone:
57=Remove only, if items were imported from this import file
58=Documentation: http://ical.gutentag.ch/documentation.html~Click here to open the documentation in browser
59=Set color label (until Outlook 2003)~This is not supported anymore in Outlook 2007. But you may set a color for a category in Outlook 2007.\n\nSee tab "Options - RDO/Misc" to interpret categories as color labels.
60=Split export file ( *_nnnn.ics)                     Maximum number of items per file:~only necessary if resulting ICS file is too big for uploading in browser
61=Send SMS for newly uploaded events~Just after uploading a new event, you will get a Google-SMS (delay about one minute).\n\nDoes only work for upcoming appointments in the next 4 weeks\nand if marked as BUSY!\n\nIn addition you should deactivate the download of SMS reminders from Google (see below)!
62=Only delete those with text  in subject (from import file)~If field "import file" is empty, delete all with .\n\nFor CalDAV see forum for "deleted" and "remove".\nFor WebDAV/eGW see tab "Options" [Enhanced Support] and the Doc.
63=Welcome - please enter your personal data
64=Default~Set options on this tab to default
65=Select time period:~Repeating events will be included, if an occurrence is >= from date
66=Open/New~Load another .ini configuration file - or create a new empty one!\n\nOr rightclick a *.ini on tab "Run".. (or doubleclick a *.ini on tab "Configurations")
68=Previous tab
69=Next tab
70=2-Way Synchronization with Google Calendar~By Google Calendar API\nFirst download then upload (with caching)\nSee tab "Google", too.
71=1-Way Synchronization with Google Calendar - download from Google Calendar~Add new, modify changed or delete events in Outlook
72=1-Way Synchronization with Google Calendar - upload to Google Calendar~Add new, modify changed or delete events in Google Calendar
73=Export ICAL file (.ics)~Export as ICS file or Upload by HTTP, HTTPS or FTP
74=Nothing else~In a configuration file (.ini), only one Import and one Export can be configured. Use [Save as..],\n[Open/New] tab "Configuration" to manage configuration files.\n\nOn tab "Start" you can chain configuration files to run together.
75=Enhanced Options - Activate tabs "x.1 More"..~Consider those options (otherwise default).\n\nA lot of tweaks are under tab "Options" (reminders, export filter)\nFor Google Sync check out tab "Google", too.\nContact Sync is on tab "Contacts".
76=Enhanced Options (Import)
77=Enhanced Options (Export/Upload)
78=Replace Categories (do not append)~If you set new categories above -> those. Otherwise ONLY categories from import...
79=Save as..~Save configuration in different .ini file
80=Cleanout Subjects with text 
81=Outlook Calendar:
82=Date/Time last run (otherwise empty); updated automatically:~Incremental Sync - "earlier modified events" will not be synced again, because they were synced before...
83=ATTENTION:\n\nAll events, which have been imported from the same ICAL File/Feed before, will be deleted first\nin the chosen Outlook Calendar, then added again!\nAny changes made to these previously imported events will be lost..
84=1. How
85=1.1 More
86=2. How
87=2.1 More
88=Sync Fields
89=End iCal4OL, if in tasktray and Outlook was closed (delayed, ONE Sync will still be done!)~May not work with Outlook 2010 64-Bit.\nCan't work if CalDAV-Server is running.
90=   Start in addition:
91=updated automatically, if "time period to:" empty!~A "to: enddate" in time period is causing a logic problem for "long time ago modified events", which are now new in period due to rule)
92=You must permit the access to Outlook!\n\nRetry? (No=Program tries to continue..)
93=Event corrupted - check LOG for event causing this!\n\nContinue with next event?
94=Choose a rule - dates will be filled automatically when loading a configuration
95=Attention:\n\nyour system clock shows: @2\nbut (Google) Server shows: @1\n\nDo you wish to adjust your system clock?\n(Does only work with enough rights - otherwise do it manually)
96=Always Start after Sync automatically (Check systemtime after run)?
97=This is the VTIMEZONE information for Export/Upload (TZID.txt).\nTo sync with a Google Calendar in a different timezone, you need to activate the corresponding option on tab "Google".\n\nUse "Manual Timezone Difference" for time shifting (Enhanced Options).
98=Goto tab "Run" on program startup~Handy to start next Sync directly..
99=Exit Program
100=As rule (Recommended! Year list does not work for e.g. Outlook import function)~rule for daylightsaving and standard time
101=Ignore VTIMEZONE details and resolve by TZID.txt~In rare cases a feed may contain wrong VTIMEZONE details (Changed 2007 in America - most applications have been patched)
102=2-Way Synchronization with a Web Solution (CalDAV/GroupDAV)~for:\n- CalDAV eg. DAViCal, CalendarServer, Zimbra, IceWarp, Kerio, SOGo, Chandler, Yahoo\n- WebCalendar 1.0.5 (ask)\n- GroupDAV e.g. EGroupware, Citadel
103=Scan for Exchange Public Folders and in additional *.PST files, too~May take some minutes..\nWith button "EntryID" on tab "How" you can note ONE folder for later use (without scanning the structure again).
104=Removing userdefined properties ImportWID, ImportHREF and ImportETAG (CalDAV-Sync-Fields)\nNecessary only if you want to sync with a different store (ask me).
105=Upload Reminders to Google as:
106=Deactivate reminder in Outlook when uploading NEW OL events
107=Which reminder type(s) should be downloaded from Google:
108=Attention: May be necessary if you use Drag&Drop in Google - see FAQ!\nFor MODIFIED events the type of reminder will be preserved in Google (or you set it again in Outlook)\n\nNote: Reminder of "0 Minutes" will remove all reminder in Google for this event.
109=Update Google Calendar in a different timezone (recalculates times for upload)~Not necessary, if your Google Calendar uses the same timezone as your machine.
112=Choose Google (Sub-)Calendar~Enter first your Email and choose the Authorization method. Then click here to choose your Google (Sub-)Calendar..
113=SUNBIRD / iCAL(Mac) Compatibility: Supports STATUS:CANCELLED and corrects "every 2 week", "last monday in month"~Import: Text "CANCELLED" is added to summary - this option is also on tab "Export"! Do NOT use for WebCalendar 1.05
114=Use Outlook Scheduling Tab for Attendees (otherwise in body or "Contacts:" links)~Please read Doc!
115=Should this calendar always be available, even without option\n"Extended Scan for Exchange Public Calendar Folders"?\n(only one possible)
116=Option "Extended Scan for Exchange Public Calendar Folders" is (now) deactivated again!
117=Use HTTPS (SSL)~Keep marked! For security and proxy issues despite proxycfg.exe
118=After Sync remove all events from "Deleted Items" folder~Tasks and Notes will be removed too, if selected. Contacts and Mails will NOT get removed by this function.\n\nIf you chained *.ini on tab "Run", this option should be only activated in last .ini, so deleted items are present for all syncs!
119=Do not export deleted exceptions~otherwise with STATUS:CANCELLED\n\n"Normally" you need to activate this, too!
120=Start now (otherwise at next program start)?
121=Filter events...~click on button [...] to show filter window
122=Only import events WITH         this text in Subject:
123=Only import events WITHOUT this text in Subject:
124=Only import events WITH         this text in Location:
125=Only import events WITHOUT this text in Location:
126=Only import events WITH         this text in Description:
127=Only import events WITHOUT this text in Description:
128=Only import events WITH         Categories [;]:
129=Only import events WITHOUT Categories [;]:
131=Do NOT import PUBLIC (and DEFAULT)
132=Do NOT import PRIVATE
134=SUNBIRD / iCAL(Mac) Compatibility: Supports STATUS:CANCELLED and corrects "every 2 week", "last monday in month"~Normally activated!\nImport from Sunbird: If CANCELLED, this text is added to summary - same option is on tab "Options", too!\n\nNEVER use it for WebCalendar 1.0.5
135=EntryID~Use ONLY for large Exchange structures (and if no tasks/contacts sync is configured)!\n\nSave Calendar EntryID of an Exchange Public Folder for later "direct" use. See tab "Options-Exchange"..
136=Dblclick for loading .ini

201=Optional Participant
209=not responded

802=Error connecting to server, see http error number (make a screenshot if your require support).
803=Sorry, can't find import-file (*.ics)!
805=Existing events from older import of this Remote iCalender deleted! Count=
806=No existing events from same Remote iCalender found!
807=This events exist already two or more time (same UID)! See "Maintenance" to delete duplicate entries...
808=in VTIMEZONE section, the program coudn't find the rule for this date! Invalid ICS-File... use manual timezone rule!
[809 empty]

[ } Sub-Meldungen]
811=both are alldayevents, ignored...
812=alldayevent, ignored...
813=no duration, ignored...
814=import-event has no duration, ignored...
817=Free (not busy) marked, ignored...
818=Import is marked FREE, ignored...
819=Allday BUSY!

[Termintext rechts]
821=found and updated..
822=Save error (perhaps Occurrence not compatible with Outlook)!
823=identical, not imported! 
824=filtered, not imported!
825=older version, not imported!
829= exported..
830=Item to delete found and DELETED!
831=Warning: Item to delete not found, probably already deleted..
832=This Demo has a limited work capability. No export/import of items from this DATE possible!
833=not in period, not imported!
834=already deleted, not imported!
835=This occurrence (of a recurring event) not found!
836=Deleted Google Event older, not deleted!
837=Warning: Could not delete event, probably already deleted..
838=Item was meanwhile deleted!
840=New, uploaded..
841=Newer, not uploaded!
842=Modified, uploaded..
843=Identical, not uploaded!
844=Invitation Copy - upload forbidden!
[ } Sub-Meldungen neu]
861=Attention: Event already deleted in Outlook (or in other folder)!
862=Attention: older version was already deleted!
863=isReccuring changed (delete+add)
864=Occurrence Exception added
865=Occurrence Exception up-to-date/newer
866=Occurrence Exception modified
867=Occurrence Exception deleted
870=Warning: This item was meanwhile modified in Outlook, too (etag)..
871=Picture uploaded!
872=Picture added/replaced!
873=Picture exported!

[LOG-Datei Arten, Texte]

888=  }
889=Export started:
890=Import  started:


905=Must attend
906=Travel required
907=Needs Preparation
910=Phone Call

922=from now        (Incremental)
923=from -31 days (Incremental)
924=-90 to +365
925=-90 to +180
926=-90 to + 90
927=-60 to +365
928=-60 to + 90
929=-30 to +365
930=-30 to +180
931=-30 to + 90
932=today to +365
933=today to +180
934=today to + 90
935=today to + 30
936=only today
937=-30 to + 30

1000=Google Calendar Upload
1001=Google Login failed, probably wrong Email/Password!
1002=Login Google Calendar
1005=Save Login and continue..
1006=ClientLogin is outdated! You must configure the authentification to OAuth 1.0 or better 2.0 (tab "1.How"-Authentification; and dito on Gmail-Contact-Sync window).\n\nCaptcha active (ClientLogin issue or wrong password)!\nTry deactivating Captcha in shown Browser Window and correct password here, but better re-configure iCal4OL..
1007=Test~Checks your login data and your system time
1008=See CalDAV-Documentation in Forum, for more info!\n\nCalDAV      - necessary (leave this field empty for WebCalendar 1.05 Sync)!\ndeleted      - mark events, not anymore on server with \nremove      - move  to "Deleted Items Folder"\nnosimilar    - deactivate similarity test\n.. do not use for first sync, if events are present on both sides!\ndown          - only download form server\n.. AsFeed   - to reset changes in OL\nup asFeed  - only upload to server\ntasks          - sync Tasks, too (or includetasks)\n\nDarwin       - CalendarServer Leopard\nDarwin 10  - CalendarServer Snow Leopard\nInbox         - read Inbox, too (only Darwin and Bedework)\nStatus        - retrieve attendee status (only Darwin and Bedework)\nReply         - clean Inbox after processing (only Darwin and Bedework)\nOrganizer   - correct attendee handling (most except Darwin/Bedework)\nGroupdav   - older EGroupware < 1.6.003 and CitaDel\n\ndebug        - add it for support..
1009=Paste from clipboard...
1017=If you do not sync with the Google Main Calendar, the UserID of the Sub Calendar will be placed in here by [Choose Google Calendar] e.g. q222hi6uve3avqcsgucco8ldeg@group.calendar.google.com

2000=Purchase iCal4OL (generate order code)
2001=The order code MUST be generated on the PC, where you want to install the full version!\nEnter your name and click on [Generate order code]... The code will be automatically included in the PayPal order form!
2003=Order Code:
2004=1. &Generate order code
2005=&Copy order code to clipboard
2006=2. &Open order page in your browser
2007=After purchase you will receive the link to the full version including liberation code!
2008=Enter your fullname, click on [Generate order code], copy order code to clipboard, paste it into an email and send it..
2009=Liberate (Activate)
2010=You have to mail me your order code, to receive a new liberation code..
2011=To liberate the program, you need a liberation code. After changing your hardware, please generate and email me a new order code..
2012=@ days left of 14 day trial!
2013=@ day left of 14 day trial!
2014=This trial is no longer working (too old)!
2015=Please check the website for a current version..
2017=Liberation file iCal4OL.all not found.. or changed hardware!
2018=New PC/OS? Please generate new order code and mail it.\n(For additional installation on a PC, you must purchase an additional license)
2019=Generate new order code
2020=&Start Program
2022=&Start Program.. last day!

2980=2-Way Sync with Google Calendar
2981=1-Way Sync with Google Calendar - Download
2982=1-Way Sync with Google Calendar - Upload
2983=Import ICAL file/feed
2984=Subscribe ICAL file/feed as Remote Calendar
2985=Export ICAL file/feed
2986=2-Way Sync with a Web Solution

2994=Move up (Order additional Syncs)
2995=Move down (Order additional Syncs)
2996=Load and activate a configuration file (*.ini) from a non-standard folder
2997=Other saved configurations (*. ini) can also be started (in addition) - right click for options
2998=Show window with modified events && tasks (by Import)~This window will be shown after Import and Now...\nMove it to a place you prefer and close it again.\n\nDouble-click on an item will display it in Outlook..
2999=Choose first your interval e.g. "Every hour", and click on tasktray to show this window again!
3000=Tasktray Autostart
3001=Every  5 min.
3002=Every 15 min.
3003=Every 30 min.
3004=Every 60 min.
3005=Every 2 hours
3006=Every 4 hours
3007=At next programВ start?~Autostart sync and minimize to tasktray\n\nHolding down CTRL-SHIFT during program start (until main window shows up), will prevent the autostart..
3008=Attention: Autostart activated!\n(Sync will run at next program start, or press SHIFT-CTRL until main window is shown..)
3009=Updated-min (=last run):
3010=(Still) no server response after @ seconds..
3011=Export Recurrence-Exceptions, too (for Sunbird, ICAL, iCal4OL, Google Calendar..)~Moved occurrences with RECURRENCE-ID:yyyyMMddThhmmssZ and same UID as the master recurring event
3012=ADD always (NO SYNC! Only for uploading to a new && empty Google Calendar => Speed)
3013=use ENTRYID instead of UID in ICS file (not from prior Import or Google Sync)~for experts only..
3014=as Default
3015=use privacy DEFAULT instead of PUBLIC (for Google Calendar; ICS file no CLASS)
3016=use privacy DEFAULT instead of PRIVATE (for Google Calendar; ICS file no CLASS)
3020=Export recurring events as multiple single events (convert)~to import in applications without recurring events support
3021=Mark items like they were imported by previous ICAL Import/Subscription~For tab "Maintenance", "Subscribe from now on as Remote Calendar" or [Enhanced Support] "eGw/WebDAV"\n\nDoes the reset to "unchanged" for "only New, Modified or Items from other Import file", too.
3022=Mark events with GCAL "unique feed description" (ImportICS)~usefull for tab "Maintenance", e.g. deleting all GCAL events in Outlook.
3023=Import PRIVATE as PUBLIC~If you want to get rid of the PRIVATE flag for e.g. printing purposes - but CONFIDENTIAL stays CONFIDENTIAL
3025=WinHTTP: Do not show timeout popups, if sync is running in foreground~Normally NOT activated - in background (tasktray) popups are NEVER shown!\n\nUse synchronous instead asynchronous mode (WinInet is always synchronous, libcurl is alywas async),\nMay result in program lockup for max. 6 minutes, if server does not answer.
3026=Activate test for similar, already deleted events and do not import (Starttime&&Subject)~Events in "Deleted Items" folder will be NEVER imported - in this case, also not if "similar"!
3027=Wake PC from Standby~ACPI S3/S4 are supported..
3028=Restart and minimize to tasktray..\n\nNew: Under START - All Programs - iCal4OL\nyou'll find links to start iCal4OL directly in tasktray.
3029=Add separately as a Sub Calendar (will be deleted first!)~File/Feed name will be used as Calendar name. If Calendar already exists, it will be deleted first (faster than deleting single items).
3030=Outlook Profilename (empty=Default) - only for experts:~\nAttention: This can't work, if another program is accessing Outlook by ActiveX (e.g. a copy of iCal4OL)!\n\nIf Outlook itself is running, it will be closed. If Outlook can't get terminated, iCal4OL will stop with an error message!\n\nExchange profiles must find the server (otherwise iCal4OL will hang).\nThis does only work in a batch file - see doc!
3031=Activate this Option
3032=Suppress attendees (do not import)~Participants information will not be evaluated
3034=Suppress attendees (do not export/upload Contacts/Participants/Google Guests)~Lines for attendees will not be added\n\nDepending on your configuration, attendees are taken from Outlook Scheduling tab (see tab "Options"), from field "Links:" (if not empty) or from the item description (set by import).
3035=Do not send invitations to guests (attendees have already "accepted" and are not invited by email)~Please read FAQ, if you wish to use Google Invitations
3036=Import PUBLIC as PRIVATE~DEFAULT is interpreted as PUBLIC and will be converted to PRIVATE, too
3037=only with color label (for Outlook 2000-2003)~Filter by Color\n\nThis color is not shown in Outlook 2007 (but was saved during import)!
3040=Delete all userdefined fields inside folder stated below (uninstall/support)
3041=Please check your system time (function had to manipulate it)!
3043=Options Google Calendar
3044=Use v3 API (Beta)~Supports mapping of GCAL colors to OL categories.\nYou must use OAUTH Authentification!\n\nv2 API is deprecated and will stop working on 17th November 2014
3045=From now on send inivitations out from Outlook (you will become the organizer)~Mark this only, if you are migrating to OL and want to send out invitation changes (OL tab "Status" will become visible).
3047=Upload categories in userdefined field (not visible in Google Calendar)~For download filter in another Outlook Calendar
3048=Only works if categories for all events were uploaded (Enhanced Export Option) - otherwise leave empty!

300=Scheduled Tasks~Interface to windows system (difference to "Tasktray Autostart" see Doc - Run Options)\n\nYou can make copies of iCal4OL.exe, too!
301=The current configuration can be saved under a different file name (.ini), if necessary:
302=&Saving necessary!!
303=Use other (saved) configuration for task (.ini file)
304=If two copies of iCal4OL.exe are running, the LOG can not be written in detail. Best practise for many sync tasks: to create a copy of iCal4OL.exe for each of them! Already created copies are shown below 3... A Link for the new .exe will be created under  START - All programs - iCal4OL, too.
305=Make a &Copy of iCal4OL.exe (iCal4OL2.exe to iCal4OL9.exe)
306=Choose iCal4OL&n.exe (Copy):
307=Adjust runtime - later you can refine it with [Properties]:
309=Repeat every hh:mm?
310=Run as:
311=Password (Login), if set:
312=Add &task now?    (enabled, if 1. saved..)
313=All scheduled tasks (windows system)
316=&Run now!
317=&New (any)
321=Command Line:
324=Last Runtime:
325=Next Runtime:
328=The operation can't be undone. Are you sure you want to delete this task?
329=Type the task name
330=My New Task
331=The task already exists. Please enter a new name!
332=Copied and Link created (START - All Programs - iCal4OL)!
333=Copied..\n(Link creation failed!)
334=Copy error!\n
335=Delete when done
337=Don't start if on batteries
340=Kill if going on batteries
341=Kill on idle end
342=Restart on idle resume
343=Run only if docked
344=Run only if logged on
345=Start only if idle
346=System required
347=Wrong password (or not needed)! Task created - please check properties.
348=Error Creating Task
349=Contacts Import/Export (VCARD / LDIF)
350=Import VCARD(s) / LDIF
352=New contacts only (not existing in Outlook)
353=New + Existing => overwrite
354=New + Existing => fill empty fields only
355=Only if older in Outlook than.. (mark)
356=Contact folder:
358=Export VCARD/s / LDIF

360=New contacts only (not existing in Import)
361=New and newer contacts
362=All contacts
363=Filename.CSV (You have to import this file in Gmail manually!):
364=Modified Contacts since:~Empty this field to check all contacts!
365=Download from Gmail
366=Upload to Gmail
367=Upload deleted Outlook contacts, too (delete in Gmail)?~"Deleted Items" folder will be checked for this...
368=Simulation only (for analyzing LOG)~Nothing will be changed!
369=Automatically Start with Event Sync
370=Save && Exit
371=Date and time last run (Incremental Sync)
372=Sync Gmail Contacts
373=Do FIRST SYNC - SIMULATION to see used Gmail section names of the "OLD Gmail Browser Interface" in the LOG.\nThen add those section names and repeat until "OK..", and turn SIMULATION off.
374=FIRST SYNC - connect contacts, set groups=>categories~Always activate this for first sync with a Gmail account!\n\nConnects identical contacts in Gmail & Outlook, by saving Google-ID in Outlook (if not done before), by same email1address, fullname or "save as..".\nThe groups will be saved in field "Categories".\n\nIf the Download is not active, the contacts will still get downloaded for 1-Way-Upload, preventing duplicate contacts!
375=Could not find Gmail Contact (already deleted)?!

378=Import Tasks, too:
380=Export Tasks, too:
382=Always Start after Sync automatically?~Duplicate items will get deleted permanently, without moving into "Deleted Items" folder!

385=VCARD 2.1 (.vcf)~For one contact per .vcf file, enter below the path, e.g. C:\Test\ (otherwise filename)\n\nFile name = Contact name [+ number] + .vcf (existing files will never be overwritten => xy[2].vcf)
386=For import of all .vcf files from a folder, enter the path, e.g. C:\Test\
387=Use the "Google Contact Sync" instead (once upon a time there was no API for contacts available)!
388=Sync contact pictures, too
389=Always replace~Otherwise existing pictures will not get replaced

3050=Do not add NEW events (only modify existing)
3051=Deactivate similarity test (same Starttime and Subject).. experienced users only!~Turns off the synchronization for "only" similar events (faster sync..)!
3053=Saved Configurations (*.ini)
3057=Make ©
3058=Show .&ini
3059=&Show debug.log
3061=Attention: Proxy found - please click here for more information!
3062=Manual Proxy Configuration
3063=Name:Port (myProxy:8080):
3064=Login (or EMPTY):
3066=For WinHttp.dll you could use "Proxycfg.exe -u", too (for using IE proxy settings). See FAQ!~WinInet.dll is using IE proxy settings by default. Here you can override this setting, valid also for libcurl.dll.

3070=This recurring event @ \nhas Exceptions and was meanwhile modified on the Server, too!\n\nUpload anyway?\n\nIf [No] the newer version will win at next sync...
3071=Incremental Sync: "earlier modified events" will not be synced again (because they were synced before)\n\nTo save this timestamp after a Sync automatically, keep corresponding option on tab "Options" activated.
3072=Reset all Color Labels to "none" in a folder (for Outlook 2000,XP,2003)~if you added a color for imported/downloaded events (enhanced options)
3074=Remove category/ies (e.g. from events)~ use ; for more than one..\n\n-keepthis;keepthis2\nremoves all other ones..
3075=Set Lastmodificationtime to NOW for ALL items~Touch all, to be newer for a sync
3076=Set Lastmodificationtime to 1980 for ALL items~Touch all, to be older for a sync
3077=Change PRIVATE to PUBLIC~in all items
3078=Change PUBLIC to PRIVATE~in all items
3079=@ was meanwhile modified on the server, too!\n\nDownload anyway?  If NO and NEWER(!) it will be uploaded
3080=CalDAV Assistant
3081=Always read NNN events from Google together (50-2000):~Speeds up the Google Calendar download, but it takes Google longer to respond (timeout problem)...
3082=CalDAV Configuration Assistant for EPL (EGroupware) from Stylite AG
3083=@ was meanwhile modified on the server, too!\n\nDownload anyway?  If NO, it will be uploaded

140=Enhanced Support~Control of Reminders and much more..
141=Start Outlook together with iCal4OL~A faulty installation of Office may prevent iCal4OL to startup correctly, if Outlook is not already running - see FAQ..
142=Adjust PC-Time to Server-Time automatically (ONLY for Google, EGroupware and WebCalendar!):~If message at beginning of sync is irritating.. use AUTO or OFF\nWindows profile must have admin rights..
143=Turn off detail items logging (in LOG.txt)~If everything is running perfectly.. But LOG.txt is a good source to find out sync problems ;-)\nLOG.txt is shortened to 200kB if size is bigger than 1MB, automatically.
144=Turn off RDO/Redemption (ask first, before using this!)~Only for Test - and if RDOiCal4OL.dll is not working correctly...
145=Use Bregex.dll instead Microsoft VBScript Regular Expressions~Never heard of a problem - anyway automatic fallback
146=Override visibility when uploading to Google Calendar:~Attention on 2-Way-Sync: use Enhanced Options, if you need to exchange "back" Private/Public!
147=Read Google XMLS feed in VTIMEZONE (and not in UTC)~UTC is the better choice. Option is only for test...
148=Import/Subscribe ICS file/feed as FREEBUSY  (Subject will just show  or )~Anonymous import of events as  or e.g. holiday as 
149=Import UTF-8 decode (0=Auto; 1=never; 2=always; [3=WinHTTP; 5=LCID-2048; 6=Chinese]):~Normally determined automatically.. Options 3-6 are for OS in e.g. Cyrillic, Thai, Chinese .. ask first!
150=Use alternative UTF-8 decode method (never heard of a problem, though)
151=Use WinInet.dll instead of WinHttp.dll~WinInet.dll inherits the proxy settings (except *.pac) of IE (Internet Options), but uses a lot of CPU!\nWinHttp.dll can't be used for CalDAV-Scheduling (Flag "inbox")!\n\nLibCurl.dll is newly integrated, and if stable, the best option..
152=WinInet.dll without proxy = DIRECT~Bypass proxy settings from IE..
153=Do not encode ICS Export in UTF-8 => if upload by WebDAV for special characters like "дць" is not working~Must be used together with "[X] Use Wininet.dll instead of Winhttp.dll"!\nMostly not necessary - I know only of old horde installations, which may need this.
154=Export Filter for SUMMARY by Regexp e.g.  /(^NB1[2-5].*)/
155=Export Filter for LOCATION by Regexp e.g.  /(^NB01.*|^NB02.*)/i
156=Export Filter for DESCRIPTION by Regexp e.g.  /(^N21\-.*)/
157=NOT containing in SUMMARY by Regexp e.g.  /(^Birthday.*)/
158=eGW/WebDAV: Mark events not anymore in Import with  during Export/Upload~Needs enhanced export option [Mark items like they were imported by previous ICAL Import/Subscription], to find missing import items at next run.\n\nPlease ask for support, if unclear!
159=eGW/WebDAV: Remove events, which are marked with  after Export/Upload~They are moved to the "Deleted Items" folder\n\nPlease ask for support, if unclear!
160=Remove~Remove remembered Exchange Calendar (by e.g. button [EntryID] on tab "1. How").\n\nAttention: Must be removed, if you changed the PC or Profile (results in different EntryID of Folders)!
161=Please contact me, if you are interested to translate iCal4OL in another language (ANSI)\n\nLanguage Files are stored in %ProgramFiles%\iCal4OL\Sprachen\
162=Check for Updates~About biweekly a new Update is available..\n\nYour feedback is always welcome!
163=.ics | http:// | https:// | ftp:// | .ifb | .vfb | structured text (Notes) | C:\xxx\*.ics (directory)
164=Authentication for HTTP(S) and FTP\nSupported are "Basic Realm" and "Digest Auth" (for Darwin CalendarServer)
165=Authentication~Google: ClientLogin and OAuth 1.0\nCalDAV: BASIC REALM and DIGEST AUTH (for Darwin CalendarServer)
166=Save && Exit~Save this configuration file and exit program
167=Google Apps Support~For (old) ClientLogin by Email/Pw... Better use OAUTH!
168=Import BUSY as FREE~For importing another person's calendars, events or holiday feeds..
169=Export moved/modified recurring exceptions as single events~e.g. necessary for "horde kronolith"...\n(In the master event, they are marked as deleted with EXDATE)
170=Do it separately after Import~If you don't export.. \nSome feeds never contain events older than 30 days - for your security, those will never get deleted! 
171=Add automatically reminders to timed events, if not in import source..       in minutes:~Only for upcoming events if BUSY (=CONFIRMED/OPAQUE), but not for FREE (=TRANSPARENT) or TENTATIVE
172=Add automatically reminders to allday events, if not in import source..         in hours:~Only for upcoming events if BUSY (=CONFIRMED/OPAQUE), but not for FREE (=TRANSPARENT) or TENTATIVE
173=For Export/Upload~Only for upcoming events if BUSY
174=Do not use RDO for Export (normally activated)~It's actually slower but more compatible, especially for Exchange-Environments. Uncheck it, for faster ICAL File (*.ics) Export..
175=CalDAV Path Assistant
176=Select your CalDAV Server
177=See forum for documentation
178=Empty field - No Incremental Sync\n\nAlways necessary after changing a filter options (e.g. time period, categories, import & export filters)!
179=Darwin CalendarServer / Me.com~Basic Realm and/or Digest Auth supported, but Basic Realm is more reliable:\n/CalendarServer/conf/caldavd(-dev).plist => Authentication-Digest-Enabled-No
180=Autoconfig Wizard~The configuration so far must be saved!
181=Path /egroupware will be added automatically. You can modify it in field "Server"..
182="Date: 12/31/2007" will delete older events! Enter date in your system format, e.g. German: "Date: 31.12.2007" (and don't activate option ).
183=General eGW freebusy password:~Will get attached to all freebusy URLs, if your eGW-Admin has forced it (or offered by default)
184=On tab "Who" enter the fullname and email used in the CalDAV store...
186=only Download
187=only Upload
188=Mark items with  during upload, if they are not in the store anymore~Deleted by other client\n\nNote:\nOn tab "Sync Fields" you can clear the text "", if something goes wrong.\nOn tab "Maintenance" you can permanently delete  events.\nOr you use "remove" below (do not use it for first text)!
189=Remove  items (move them to "Deleted Items" folder)
190=Include Tasks
191=Warn if same item was modified simultanously by other client~Normaly not activated - the newer item wins (etag ignored)
192=Read Inbox, too~Invitations and delegations from other users are there.\nThose items will be marked with category/color (see doc).
193=Find Calendar(s)
194=Authentication (Basic Realm) failed:
195=An error occured (or calendar does not exist)!\n\nError: 
196=CalDAV "OPTIONS" not supported (calendar-access)?! Probably you can ignore this..

198=Filter Groups/Outlook-Categories [;] EMPTY=All:~e.g. "Friends;Family;Coworkers" (double click field to fill it with system groups)
199="-Friends;Family" will exclude these two!\n\nGoogle Contact Groups are treated as Outlook Categories!\n\nALL contacts are member of the system group "Contacts" (implemented this way - no filter possible)!\n"Friends", "Family" and "Coworkers" are other system groups!\nAdd more groups in Gmail, if you wish.\n\nThe group membership will be saved in Outlook field "Categories". If you wish to upload a new contact into a special group, you have to add the group name in "Categories"!
220=Empty field - No Incremental Sync\n\nAlways necessary after changing a filter or selection or login/pass!
221=For maintenance: up=, upall, down=, downall, upnew, upold see Forum-Announcements
222=CardDAV Contact Sync
223=Choose categories [;] Empty=ALL:~Filter by categories:\n\n-notthis;andnotthis\n\nwill exclude those two categories!
224=Remove deleted Outlook contacts on server
225=Defined Contact-Syncs
226=You must save the settings later on the main window of iCal4OL, otherwise they will get lost!\n\niCal4OL must be restarted, if you add a new contact folder in Outlook and wish to select it here.
228=Add +1 Minute to time period, in which two items are treated as identical (ask support first, before using this!)~This is normally only 15 seconds, but some Outlook Connector Addins do modify lastmodification time, just after a sync.
229=Time Filter e.g. 07:00-17:00 or 17:00-07:00~Events with time (from-to) will only get exported, if they are relevant for the specified time period e.g. 07:00-17:00\n\nAllday events are always exported!\nRepeating events get exported (fully), if at least one occurrence is ok.
230=\nVISTA: Sorry, only works with administrator rights (you may want to deactivate UAC)\n\nXP: there is a right problem accessing the Windows Task Scheduler.\n      Run as administrator:  cacls C:\Windows\Tasks /E /G :F   ( = user name)\n\nYou can always add tasks directly under the Control Panel (see start parameters in doc)
231=Force~If color gets not set, you can switch to a different method for Outlook XP/2002/2003. For already up-to-date events the color is NOT set!
232=Mark similar, already up-to-date events (which get not imported), with the UID from this ICAL Import.~This option connects SIMILAR events, as imported from this source.\nThis ensures, that for future changes those events will be re-found. For CalDAV/GroupDAV/Google-Upload this is ANYHOW ALWAYS done (you may activate it for 1-Way-Google Download, though), and for ICAL files/feeds normally not..\n\nIn principle, the current source will become the default source for future updates of those events!\nThis is rarely necessary - and only for SIMILAR events from OTHER source..
233=This option should only be activated after consultation with the support..
234=Without private contacts
235=ANSI~For Outlook Express only, which does not import UTF-8 encoding correctly (special characters)..
236=Import Notes, too:~Only for syncing Outlook installations with iCal4OL!\nFilter options will not work!\n\niCal4OL is using a special format, which is not compatible with VNOTE IrMC Protocol.
237=Export Notes, too:~Only for syncing Outlook installations with iCal4OL!\nFilter options will not work!\n\niCal4OL is using a special format, which is not compatible with VNOTE IrMC Protocol.
238=This option only works with RDO/Redemption and Outlook>2000!\n\nPerhaps you deactivated this on tab "Options" [Enhanced Support], or RDOiCal4OL.dll was not correctly registered during setup (see FAQ).
239=Import Contacts, too:~Only for syncing Outlook installations with iCal4OL!\nDistribution list will be synced, too.\nFilter options will not work!\n\nFor Import/Export VCARD/LDIF see tab "Contacts"..
240=Export Contacts, too:~Only for syncing Outlook installations with iCal4OL!\nDistribution list will be synced, too.\nFilter options will not work, except exclusion of []PRIVATE!\n\nFor Import/Export VCARD/LDIF see tab "Contacts"..
241=(only Outlook Sync)~iCal4OL to iCal4OL!  For Export activate "[X] Deleted, tool" under "[X] Enhanced Options..", tab "2.1 More".
242="[X] Deleted, too" under "[X] Activate enhanced options (otherwise default)" must be activated for Outlook to Outlook Sync.\n\nShall I do it for you?
243=If filtered, delete in Outlook~iOS 5.0.1 does not delete Contacts. They only get removed from group "My Contacts".\nIf you activate this option, filtered Contacts will get deleted in Outlook (otherwise only filtered).
244=Choose only a calendar(!), after Find..
245=Configure this iCal4OL as CalDAV Server!
246=eGW 1.6.00x: http://www.example.com/egroupware/groupdav.php/addressbook/\n\neGW 1.4.004: http://www.example.com/egroupware/icalsrv/groupdav.php/addressbook/\n\nZIMBRA 5 RC2: http://zimbra.example.com/home//Contacts.vcf\n\nAddressBookServer Darwin: https://example.com:8843/addressbooks/__uids__/DA58330D-EF3F-4923-91AB-881E8FBFF0BE/addressbook/\n\nIceWarp >9.4.1: http://example.com:32000/webdav//Contacts/
247=URL syntax see tooltip field..
248=Add own country into postal address~For Google Maps..\n\nDuring download the own country will get removed..
249=Suppress Reminders during Export/Upload
250=Import reminders from events in the past, too~Normally, reminders of past events are not imported..
251=Use Google API Version 3.0 (released)~Google Browser Interface was released 11. Aug 2010
252=For VCARD..\n- use "Zimbra.vcf" or "IceWarp.vcf" to generate a compatible VCF file.\n- enter just a directory name to generate multiple .ics files (one for every contact).
253=For Calendars in a second PST file or Exchange, please activate on tab "Options":\n[X] Extended Scan for Exchange Public Calendar Folders
254=Stop Sync if iCal4OL is running in the background (tasktray) and does not get HTTP answers~If iCal4OL was started by the windows task scheduler, it will end.
255=Contact Folder to read attendees email addresses from..\nDoes ALWAYS correspond to the Contact Folder for adding attendees during import (under enhanced options, too)\n==> Changing here will change this Import Contact Folder, too!
256=Contact Folder for Attendees\nDoes ALWAYS correspond to the Contact Folder for reading attendee infos during export (under enhanced options, too)\n==> Changing here will change this Export Contact Folder, too!
257=UTF-8~UTF-8 encoding is necessary for e.g. the Addressbook of OS X (VCARD VERSION:3.0)
258=Use Outlook Export Format~Uses the internal Mapi function to generate VCARD's\n=> Not recommended (very limited, but 100% compatibility)!
259=Suppress Reminders during Import/Download~For importing another person's calendars (by e.g. a 2nd configuration file *.ini)
260=Repeat request now (do not wait on response)
261=Hide~for this run.. for always use "[X] No timeout warnings (popups) for WinHTTP connections" on tab "Options".
262=Monitor deleted events && tasks (e.g. needed for Exchange Public Folders)~This will prevent AFTER next Sync the re-import and will check on the Server, if not yet deleted.\n==> Otherwise iCal4OL is only checking the "Deleted Items" Folder!
263=Subscribe as read-only feed~Replaces all contacts with the server version (even if modified!), re-adds already deleted, and removes contacts not anymore in the feed.\nAdditional added Outlook contacts will not get removed (runs without similarity test).
264=Subscribe as read-only feed (Attention: read tooltip!)~Normally not activated!\nReplaces all items with the import version (even if modified!), re-adds already deleted, and removes items not anymore in the feed.\nAdditional added Outlook items will not get removed (runs without similarity test).
265=Don't change for existing~For existing events/tasks the private flag will not get changed
266=Add attendees in event description (body) during upload~"Handy" for Google-Sync with Cell Phones.. does now work, even it attendees are surpressed (tab "2.1 More")\nActivate on tab OPTIONS "[X] Use Outlook Scheduling Tab for Attendees".
267=[No] will minimize iCal4OL into tasktray again!
268=Minimize to tasktray again
269=Incremental Sync!
270=Use "FileAs" as Gmail Contact Title~Old option - do not use it anymore (or you know, what you are doing).
271=ToolTip in Tasktray~A Tasktray Tooltip will be shown after every Sync with number of imported/modified events (if any).\n\nThis way, skipped events will not be shown in LOG!
272=Import FREE as BUSY~For importing e.g. TripIt
273=Delete events && tasks on server, if export filter changed (categories, colors, filters above)~Attention: empty once "Date and time last sync", so all items get tested again!\nImportant note for Google Kalender and WebCalendar: NEVER delete manually "old unfiltered" events on the server, otherwise they will get deleted in Outlook, too (if 2-Way-Sync)..
275=Unfortunately but rare, an Outlook Calendar may contain defective appointments. Those are caused by Outlook crashes and are preventing a sync with various error messages like "Out of Memory".\n\nThis function reads all appointments from an Outlook Calendar and lists them (and any error) into the LOG. If the program crashes here, please check the LOG for the last logged event, then delete it (and perhaps the next by date) and re-add.\nHelpful is Outlook CATEGORY VIEW, sorted by starttime (toolbar ADVANCED): Delete events with empty starttime and remove them from "Deleted Items", too!\n\nIf you have serious problems, ask for support. More tips on how to deal with errors, you'll find on the FAQ page.
276=Find defectives events
277=Use "ShowAs" as Gmail Contact Title~Old option - do not use it anymore (or you know, what you are doing).
278=Export WITHOUT Restricted~This option is normally not marked. If marked, all events have to be read (slower). A defective Outlook.pst can't correctly restrict events... Ask Support if unclear.

280=Mark/Unmark/Rename/Delete/Load/Reload/Copy/Copy - WITHOUT recent changes..
281=Only valid for Google Calendar, CalDAV/GroupDAV and WebCalendar 1.05
282=Use LibCurl.dll instead of WinXXXX.dll~Alternative to WinInet.dll with less CPU usage. Should now be stable (was beta for a long time).\nUse "[X] Debug" only for testing..
283===>Attendees in Body~Remove additional lines in Body..
284=ImportURL~On rare occasions, ICAL Feeds may contain an event URL. It was saved here..
285=Only activate this, if you use option above to circument an OL bug, not loading the default profile~This will not terminate Outlook, if already running. A change of profile is therefore not possible! This circuments a bug under Win x64..
286=Monitor deleted contacts (needed for Exchange Public Folders)~For Gmail Contact Sync and CardDAV Sync.\nDuring Export a MDB with all exported UID is saved/appended.\nThis will prevent re-import and will delete them on the server, if corresponding option is active!
287=Save Sync Fields in external DB~Always necessary, if you are NOT the OWNER of a Public Exchange Folder.\nNormally Sync Fields are stored in the mapi store itself. Only the OWNER of a folder (not the ADMIN) can do this. This option circumvents the restriction, saving them in a DB for the windows userprofile(!)\n\nAttention: After activating this option, ALL Folders will behave as never synced before!
288=Under Windows7/Vista normally WinInet.dll and LibCurl.dll (less CPU usage) are working best.\nFor Google Sync you can try out WinHttp.dll WITHOUT option below!\nIf you encounter any difficulties with timeouts, switch to WinInet.dll or LibCurl.dll.
289=Mask PRIVATE events with this Subject (only for "[X] Export ICAL file..") e.g. :\n\nThis option does not work for Google/CaldDAV Sync!\nDoes change the summary to text. Location and Description will be emptied..
290=StartUp (General)
295=Import Feed
296=Export Filter
298=Max size of LOG.txt (in Bytes):
299=If larger, cut it back at program start to:
400=Keep Outlook connection when in tasktray, waiting for next sync (Stability)~If tasktray sync is not stable - experimental with (only) ns.logoff
401=Export Support for invalid recurring events (from LotusNotes-Exchange-Connector)~Events, where all daily occurrences are deleted, but re-added (duplicated) as e.g. weekly occurrences by Exchange.
402=Please wait..
403=A copy of iCal4OL is already running!\n\nAre you sure you want to start this synchronization?
404=Subcalendar-Sync: Do not add Outlook User as Attendee-accepted~The Outlook User is always added automatically on the Outlook Scheduling Tab! This will ignore this "black line" during upload!
405=Similarity Test (activate if items are already present on both sides)~Best, deactivate it from second sync on (otherwise multiple similar server events could be linked to one OL event).\nNote: On tab "Maintenance" you can get rid of duplicated events..
406=Interpret category as color label~If possible. Must be the same ENGLISH category text. Only works in OL<2007 - Import and Export..
407=Do NOT add Attendees & Stati into event description~This info will not be visible, if no invitation was sent/received in Outlook.
408=Sync/Import Scenario with separate Sync Fields (read tooltip)~The real ORGANIZER will be uploaded, setting UID=GlobalAppointmentID for invitations!\n\nWITHOUT this option, new Outlook Invitations will be uploaded from your viewpoint, adding the organizer only as attendee (accepted).\n\nFor migration purposes use empty Google Calendar, and remove FIRST all Sync Fields..
409=Lock Configuration
410=Unlock Configuration
411=Re-upload previous deleted events~If you have moved back events from "Deleted Items" Folder, they will be re-uploaded, even if already deleted in Google Calendar.
412=Do not sync the BODY (of events and tasks)~Beta - use it only for 1-Way-Upload and test it first!\n\nDo not use it for CalDAV 2-Way Sync! Otherwise the OL notes will get deleted, too
413=Remove deleted server contacts in Outlook
414=Sync Reset Folder~Removes Sync Fields from selected folder and does reset Similarity Tests to default - for a new 'First Sync'.\n\nDoes allow to sync previously deleted items again (subject text  will be removed).\n\n- Similarity test will be activated, if previously deactivated\n- Does only reset for selected WHAT (Import/Google or CalDAV)\n- CalDAV-UserID: 'nosimilar'/'nomatch' will be removed\n- Monitor deleted Events/Contacts (Exchange-Option) will be reset.\n- LastModificationTime will not be destroyed\n- It may take a while (all items have to be read)..
415=CalDAV Autoconfiguration for:
416=Others~All other CalDAV Solutions (most solutions nowadays do support "calendar-homeset").\n\nThe Wizard there, under [Manual Assistant], is vor quick manual configuration by URL'\n\nLast but not least, you can configure iCal4OL jumping from tab to tab ;-)\nSee Forum - Help - CalDAV Documentation about Flags in Field "UserID"!
417=Manual configuration for Google or other Web Solutions (Import/Export/CalDAV/WebDAV/GroupDAV)
418=Not needed for CalDAV => Access Login/Password must be entered under [Authentication]
419=Leave it in tasktray (does sync again, if Outlook gets re-opened)~Does only test, when (next) sync is due.
420=Only every sixth time~Does work only in tasktray, as long as iCal4OL is not re-started
421=Tasks Sync (Beta)
422=(First-) Initialization of Tasks Lists~ListNames will become Categories (see Exportfilters; in first list, all other list categories will be excluded)
423=Oe (Beta)!\nDo [(First-) Initialization of Tasks Lists].. It may not work (renew OAuth!).\nBecause of Google access limitations of App/Day requests, I can not guarantee that this sync is possible at any time of day!
424=Task Folder:
425=Download from Google
426=Upload to Google
427=Without PRIVATE
428=Delete Tasks on Google, if already deleted in Outlook
429=Category Filter
430=Import all as OutOfOffice
431=Sync this list ONLY by [&Run now] from tasktray or by tab "Run"-[Start Synchronization]~Button [Start Synchronization] on tab "Run" and the Tasktray Popup Entry [&Run now] will sync all configured tasks lists, if activated.
432=Please see forum, how the filtering for additional Google Task Lists is working, syncing to the identical Outlook Tasks Folder (category=listname; excluding sublist categories for default list by: -not;not).
433=Change Password for CardDAV, too?~Change Password in other *.ini, too?
434=Assign Title=Profession, Role=JobTitle~otherwise Title=Jobtitle, Role=Profession for EGW=Outlook
435=Test it by closing Outlook and iCal4OL, then restart iCal4OL
436=Solve other conflicts the same way and do not ask anymore
439=You selected a folder outside your mailbox.\nDeleted items must be monitored, because they are not moved to the "deleted items" folder - see FAQ!\n\nActivate it now? (see tab "Options - Exchange/*.pst Support")
440=Warn, if an event was modified in Google Calendar AND Outlook~The newer version will not win automatically!\nSync will be halted and a message box will show up at bottom right of screen..
441=Warn, if a contact was modified in Gmail AND Outlook~Only works after a [X] FIRST SYNC!\n\nThe newer version will not win automatically.\nSync will be halted and a message box will show up at bottom right of screen..
442=Attention: With flag "multiget" a FROM date is mandatory (Select time period). If it's empty, only events from -31 days on will get synced!
443=Multiple addressbooks found!\n\nConfigure all (otherwise only first), by adding additional Outlook Contact folders?\n(Check tab "Contacts" for CardDAV to re-configure..)
444=Multiple calendars found!  Drag&Drop for path exchange..
445=You can exchange the calendar paths with each other via Drag&Drop
446=Google Sync Autoconfiguration:
447=Google Sync Configuration Assistant~For main Google Calendar and up to six Secondary Calendars
448=Only for first sync
489=EPL / EGroupware~This Wizard works for other solutions, too.\n\nBut the Wizard there, under [Enhanced Assistant], will ONLY work for EGroupware Professional Line (EPL) or the Community Version!
490=Darwin CalendarServer~This wizard only works for Apples Darwin CalendarServer 2.4, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.5\n\nThe Wizard there, under [Enhanced Assistant], has a manual approach for Darwin..
491=Open or new, empty configuration file (.ini)
492=Only modified contacts since (incremental):~Speeds up the upload sync significantly, because not all contacts have to be read.
493=Convert Groups to Categories~Contact Groups are more like Distributionlists in Outlook. But if contacts don't contain an email address, they can't get stored in a DistList!\nWith this option, all contacts of the groups will get a category = groupname, which will be interpreted for upload, too!\n\nFor iCloud, Darwin, DAViCal and (upcoming) EGroupware/EPL 1.9.014
494=Link Shared~Add a Shared Exchange Default Calendar into iCal4OL (must be already visible in Outlook).\nYou can then choose this "Shared Calendar user@domain.xxx" in the comboboxes.\n\nAllow access to Outlook, if a securiy warning pops up..
495=Except allday events
499=Multiple calendar sync require multiple (chained) configuration files (*.ini). See tab "Run" .. and read FAQ!

503= Exception
506=Test v3 API of Google Calendar (Beta)
507=v3 API:  GCal Colors <=> Outlook Category
508=Error (@) occurred!\n\nPerhaps restarting your PC will help; or run ScanPST.exe, or run on iCal4OL tab "Defects" the function to find corrupted items..\n\nContinue (skip event)?
    Text for masking private events - do not change!
510=Warning: Attendee "@" has no email address
511=Sync running..
512=Next sync in @ minutes
513=&Stop @ (sync running - can be canceled)
514=&Stop @ (next sync in # minues)
515=&Run now
516=Show &LOG
517=Show &import window
518=Text or Regular Expression\n\nRegular Expression must start with ""reg:/"" and must have a pair of ()\nExamples:\nreg:/(^Birthday.*|^Vacation.*)/  <== line starts with Birthday or Vacation\nreg:/(^NB01.*|^NB02.*)/i          <== Capital or small, because of /i
519=Contact Folder could not be re-found!\n\nPlease choose again..
520=If you have a @gmail.com or @googlemail.com email address, you must use it here. Otherwise a sync may not be possible!
521=: Imported (new/modified/deleted)
524=My Contacts
525=Could not connect to Google Calendar (no feed). Firewall or Proxy active?!
526=Liberation file iCal4OL.all saved (but not yet validated)!\nYou must restart iCal4OL..
527=OAuth file missing or incorrect! You must re-authorize iCal4OL..
528=Could not connect to Google Calendar (OAuth revoked)!?
529=Max. 25 years possible! Choose another time period or leave FROM/TO empty..
530=Different profile or no Outlook/Exchange connection?!
531=Program will quit now!
532=Please reselect your calendar!
533=Outlook Calendar "@" could not be re-found
534=Sorry, but the Outlook Contact Folder cannot be accessed anymore (@)\n\nSync will stop now..
535=The folder "Deleted Items" contains @ elements, slowing down\na synchronization significantly (deleted items are read, too)!\n\nEmpty this folder now?\n\n(Better do it directly in Outlook and run ScanPST.exe)
536=Manual Configuration
538=With Similarity Test (events are already present on both sides)~Does connect similar events, if no sync was done yet, or [Sync Reset Folder] was used!!
539=iCal4OL - Configuration
540=Outlook Default Folders like Calendar, Tasks and Contacts are selected automatically.\nYou can change this later on in the main Window.\nAdditional Server Folders are automatically determined by "home-set".\nBirthdays and Anniversaries may not be uploaded (tab "Options - Export Filter").\n\n==> Make first a separate Contact Download Sync (tab contacts)! This way the FreeBusy Information is available on Outlook Scheduling Tab!
542=Enhanced Assistant
543=Server:~  http(s)://server:port/path, or perhaps Server:Port ist already enough to find the principal
544=Sync Tasks, too
545=Sync Contacts, too~Can also be manually started over tab "Contacts"..
546=FreeBusy Password:~If Admin forced a general (or stored a default) password
547=Do not sync PRIVATE items~Filter Import/Export
548=If server supports Contact Sync, re-configure it later on tab "Contacts"!
549=Mask Private..~Events and tasks will be uploaded as . Private Contacts will NOT be uploaded!
550=Only Download (asFeed)
551=Only Upload (asFeed)
552=Only Simulation~Nothing gets changed! [Show LOG] on tab "Run"..
553=Add in STARTUP folder with sync interval:
554=Retrieve configuration from server and save it
556=Unfortunately failed! Try the Enhanced Assistant, or\nconfigure CalDAV manually, see forum - help..
557=Unfortunately failed! You must configure CalDAV manually, see forum - help..
558=Server:Port and Path:
559=Server supports BASIC REALM~Flag "no_auth" will be used
560=Retrieve Configuration from Server (or configure manually below)
561=Firstname Lastname (will be set by TEST):
562=EMail (will be set by TEST):
563=eGW Password:
564=Warn~Warn, if an item was modified on Server AND Outlook in your main Calendar/Contacts. Does only work for 2-Ways-Sync..
565=Only personal addressbook (otherwise all - depending on EPL configuration)......................
566=Delete denied events / finished tasks in Outlook (will add  into URL, e.g. /groupdav.php/user01/calendar/)
567=Additional eGW-Calendars, which should be synced in Outlook-Subcalendars - above Login/Pw must have ALL access rights!
568=His Login for Path(!)
569=OL Folder Name:
571=Do not upload Birthdays and Anniversaries (see tab "Options-Export Filter")
572=Add Outlook Categories now (Inbox; Accepted; Tentative, Declined)
573=Empty "Deleted Items Folder" now - only events, tasks and contacts will get removed..
574=A short introduction into iCal4OL you'll find on the FAQ page.
575=(If Proxy present, please configure it first on tab "Options")
576=Gray fields are optional! After [Ok] they will be tested, and if empty/wrong, filled and colored in red.
577=Configuration for EPL (EGroupware) from Stylite AG
578=Clean Inbox (if no other CalDAV-Client will be used = ""reply"" in field UserId)~CalDAV invitations will arrive here
579=Additional Calendars, which will be synced in Outlook Subcalendars (=Login name) - if "Password" is empty, the credentials above are used for accessing (ACL configured?)
580=His Login=Folder(!)
581=Password or EMPTY:
582=Outlook Subcalendars will be added automatically. Attendees with Login (also without [X] Down/Up) will be added/updated as Contacts, too.
583=Default Folders "Calendar", "Tasks" and "Contacts" will be selected automatically for this Outlook User. You may change this later on tab [1.How].. and on tab [Contacts]-[CardDAV Contacts Sync].\nMultiple Configuration Files (*.ini) are possible. See tab "Run" about chaining. Right-click on .ini shows context menu (see tab "Configurations", too).\n\n==> FreeBusyURL >AnonymousAccess< must be set in /conf/caldavd.plist on server, or see tab "Options-RDO/Misc."!
584=CalDAV/CardDAV Configuration
585=Attention: All other options will be reset to DEFAULT!
586=URL Calendar:
587=URL Contacts:
588=Outlook Calendar:
589=Outlook Tasks:
590=Outlook Contacts:
591=New~Add new Outlook Folder
592=Monitor deleted items (otherwise only "Deleted Items Folder" of Outlook is used) - will (re-)work after next sync! See FAQ
593=Please read introduction on FAQ page.
594=Google Sync Configuration Assistant
595=Use @gmail.com (@googlemail.com), if you have multiple valid email addresses!
596=&Google Authentication (OAuth recommended) and retrieving of defined Google Calendars
597=Google Main Calendar
598=Synchronization / Simulation:
600=Must be reconfigured on tab "Contacts"!
601=Tasks must be configured separately on tab "1. How"!
602=Secondary Calendars (*.ini file)
603=Split OL Calendar by Categories~Add FIRST additional Google Subcalendars in Google Browserinterface!\nDuplication of Google Subcalenders Events may happen, if they are already in the OL Calender. The Similarity Test during Download will get deactivated!\n\nCorrect is: Google Subcalendars are still empty. Or those events are not yet in the main OL Calendar Folder.
604=Secondary .ini will be chained on tab "Run"!
605=(One) Google Calendar is in different timezone
606=Download only:
608= in Subject
609=Accept gzip, deflate~normally activated! If you want to debug with a http sniffer, deactivate it.\n\nCompressed server response
610=No Icon animation~in tasktray during background sync..
611=&ClientLogin (deprecated)~Working (but Captcha issues) until April, 20 2015
612=&OAuth 1.0 - only HTTPS~Works until April, 20 2015.\n\nDoes not work in Win2000!
613=&OAuth 2.0 - only HTTPS
614=OAuth is an open protocol that aims to standardize the way desktop and web applications access a user's private data. OAuth provides a means of performing API authentication in a standard and secure fashion.
615=You will be guided to a google page to grant access for iCal4OL on this computer. This access can be revoked under "my account" in Google itself. For simplicity, iCal4OL will ask for calendar, tasks and contact access together (only HTTPS).
616=(optional) String value identifying a particular hosted domain account to be accessed (for example, 'mycollege.edu'). Leave empty to specify a regular Google account ('username@gmail.com'):
617=&Start authorization protocol for OAuth 1.0 or 2.0. A browser window will be opened!
618=Enter here the verification code provided by Google (iCal4OL will try to fetch it automatically):
619=&Grant Access && Continue..
621=OAuth 2.0 must be revoked under Google Account-Settings (User Token was deleted).
622=Other export filters~Tab "Options - Export Filter"
623=Take over MAPI Sync Fields of this *.ini configuration file (recommended, but takes time)?
624=Tasks only with "@" (or upper path):
625=This DB may be still used by other *.ini configurations. Are you sure?
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