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Join Tarzan and friends on a thrilling, action-packed adventure as you swing on vines, romp through the jungle on an elephant's back, and tree-surf through 13 adrenaline-pumping levels of savage 3D action in the jungle. Tarzan and his jungle friends come to life in a stunning 3D world of intrigue and danger. As Tarzan, you will grow from a boy to a man, developing skills and abilities that will allow you to confront and overcome the jungle's most dangerous perils. Ages eight and up.

This demo includes one level of Disney's action game, Tarzan. As Tarzan you'll run, jump, swing, and tree-surf your way into an exciting jungle filled with peril and action. HINT: To reach the bonus level, collect all four sketches hidden in the game.

Download 14.33 Mb.
VersionVersion unavailable
LicenseFree to try
OSWindows 98, Windows 95
RequirementsPentium-166, Windows 95/98, 24MB RAM, 3D card with 4MB RAM, DirectX Drivers
LimitsNot available
CategoryGamesAction Games


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