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Wireless Intellect Labs:
HomeCamera makes it easy and affordable for you to monitor your home, your child, your pets, the elderly, your office, and more, using the webcam you already own and any Windows PC.

We make video monitoring easy. The service has been designed for non-technical users and does not require an understanding of DDNS, port forwarding, network address translation, or any other router or firewall fiddling. Commonly needed features such as motion detection alerts, recording, camera sharing, are well supported. Version 6 is a complete rewrite that's more reliable, smaller, faster, and enables video streaming.

Download 8.15 Mb.
PublisherWireless Intellect Labs
OSWindows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
RequirementsNot available
LimitsNot available
CategoryCommunicationsWebcam Software


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